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City Court Upcoming Events

For a number of years, Tucson neighborhood leaders and other people active in neighborhoods have wanted to be able to attend court hearings and trials of those accused of violations of law and city code. Of particular interest have been court cases related to violations of the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance (see Part II, Ch.16), including criminal damage (e.g., graffiti and vandalism), unruly gatherings, excessive noise – red tag, junked motor vehicles, dilapidated housing, public nuisances, blight, trashy or weed filled yards, abandoned shopping carts and sign or zoning  code violations.scales

Tucson City Court handles a variety of charges and complaints once they are formally brought into court. Interested parties have had a hard time knowing when court events related to their neighborhoods were scheduled. In January 2014, Tucson City Court and the Neighborhood Support Network signed an agreement allowing NSN access to scheduled event records as bulk data. All data forwarded to NSN is public information and is openly available in other forms. Now, listings of upcoming Tucson City Court hearings, motions and trials, updated daily, are available through NSN.

More information about the listings is here.

Link to Listings for Code Violation Court Events

Link to Extended Listing of Scheduled City Court Events

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