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Neighborhood Support Network

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Please leave your thoughts here about what you’d like to see added or changed on the site.

(To comment, you need to be a NSN member and login to the website. To register, please contact Donald Ijams, NSN Coordinator, at dsijams at

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  1. The NSN Electronic Communications / Website working group will be contacting neighborhood association presidents / chairs to update profiles, check contact information and gather information on a short list of issues (e.g. meeting frequency, newsletter?, website? communication methods, topics for meetings).

  2. It’s hard to host multiple websites without me being the webmaster for all of them. The NSN Neighborhood Profiles page allows for a quick link to each neighborhood associations’s website, if I know what it is.

    Here are three popular, free, pretty easy web site possibilities:

    The NSN website uses WordPress and I have used Blogger for the Justice Watch Tucson site. I have not used Weebly but know that some neighborhoods do.

  3. Hi Don,
    Great new webpage page. Continuing thanks for your hard work.
    Idea: Is there anyway for Neighborhoods to use this page as portal and archive for our online Neighborhood communications? Mountain/1st Avenue currently uses Yahoogroups for our internal communications, but it is not ideal, is cumbersome to join, has advertising, etc. The NSN would seem to have the potential to join neighborhoods together if it could serve this function. NSN could be the one-stop go-to website for us all?

  4. More comments feedback on website, feel free to ignore!

    1. Perhaps you don’t need “and Southern Arizona” on the title on the picture banner?
    2. I’m not sure I would think to go to ‘Information’ to find info on the neighborhoods. Maybe there could be a link for Neighborhoods directly as one of the top links on the banner?
    3. I’m not sure the difference between topics and information is clear. That might be worth thinking about to clarify – there seems to be overlapping info on each. Maybe one is more resources and the other is neighborhood lists? I’m not sure the best answer here.
    4. Maybe consider adding an events or calendar section?

    Best, laura

  5. I’d like to see a collection of recent neighborhood association meeting agendas. These agendas would give us an insight into the activities of other neighborhoods and might provide ideas for making our future meetings more interesting. One big part of attracting more neighbors to meetings is having something exciting to see and to hear about.


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