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Neighborhood Support Network

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(To comment, you need to be a NSN member and login to the website. To register, please contact Donald Ijams, NSN Coordinator, at dsijams at

NSN PSA – Created by Lisa Jones and Carolyn Brown


Neighborhood leaders replied to an email message sent by Donald Ijams on August 19, 2007. Ijams had read an editorial  (“Ties that bind begin in Tucson’s neighborhoods.”) that called for neighborhoods to play a larger part in establishing Tucson’s vision and direction.  Ijams asked whether other leaders wanted to talk over the ideas in the editorial or anything else.

Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 14:47:09
To: (Big List of Tucson Neighborhood Association Leaders)
From: Donald Ijams
Subject: Neighborhood Associations

I’ve looked for a comprehensive list of Tucson’s neighborhood association (NA) officers, past and present, and this group is the best I could find. (I don’t know how comprehensive DNR’s dnrlistserv is.)

I read with interest this morning’s Az Star Editorial “Ties that bind begin in Tucson’s neighborhoods.” The final line of this opinion piece was: “All neighborhood groups should link with each other through coalitions similar to Portland’s, based on a shared interest in joining the city into a whole with a strong, well-defined voice.”

Is there some forum where we could talk this over? I have been President of my neighborhood association for two years now and have not heard of a meeting of NA presidents/officers. Has there been one that I missed? I understand that there are several neigh. coalitions now existing – do they function along the lines suggested in the editorial?

Anybody else have any thoughts on this opinion piece – or want to meet on this issue or any others?

Donald Ijams, President
Peter Howell Neighborhood Association

During a meeting on October 16, 2007 among 35 neighborhood leaders, representing 29 Tucson neighborhoods, the Neighborhood Support Network was declared active and all meeting participants were welcomed as members. Participants from the Oct. 6 organizational meeting were also welcomed into membership, as were neighborhood leaders both on the emailing list and currently active elsewhere in neighborhoods.

A core group will be convened to manage the progress of the Network. It is expected that other members will float in and out of the Network as they need training, connections, information and ideas from other neighborhood leaders, and as they are willing to share information, expertise, participation and topic knowledge with others.

The next meeting of the NSN was scheduled for the middle of January 2008. The value of two similar meetings, at different times and locations, was recognized. At the same time, there was sentiment for one citywide gathering, however hard it is to find a date/time appropriate for all.  More

Subsequent NSN Meetings

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