Neighborhood Support Network

Neighborhood Support Network

By and For Neighborhood Leaders in Tucson and Southern Arizona

Purpose of the Network

The Neighborhood Support Network builds relationships of trust and support among diverse citizens engaged in neighborhood enrichment in the greater Tucson region.

The Network offers a unique capacity to build connections among stakeholders and elected neighborhood leaders, past and present, as they work to improve Tucson’s quality of life.

The Network’s primary focus is on
· Making connections through which knowledge can be shared
· Identifying and promoting the use of best practices in neighborhood problem solving
· Mentoring new leaders
· Coordinating issue forums
· Maintaining an internet-based information storehouse
· Assisting members in forming coalitions and partnerships for joint action.

The Neighborhood Support Network seeks to
· Reach across political boundaries
· Be inclusive and open
· Promote carefully selected policy options judged to be in the best interests of the community.

The Network sponsors periodic meetings of all members, as well as topic-oriented meetings as needed.

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